Stations & Apparatus

Station 1 | Adena

SCJFD currently operates out of two firehouses. Station 1, also known as the Adena firehouse, is located at 270 E. Main Street in Adena, Ohio. Station 1 serves as the headquarters for the fire district and houses two engines, one tanker, two brush trucks, one hazardous materials support unit, two chief vehicles, two paramedic ambulances, one all terrain rescue vehicle, and the Harrison County Hazmat Decon Trailer. Station 1 also has a newly renovated hall with tables and chairs available for rentals, providing a large kitchen with a commercial stove, fridge, freezer, and ice maker. See the “Events” tab for more information on renting the hall and availability for your event.

Station 2 | Smithfield

Station 2, also known as the Smithfield station, is located at 1028 Main St, Smithfield, Ohio. Station 2 houses  one fire engine and one paramedic ambulance. Station 2 was previously the Smithfield EMS building, until it was shut down in 2006 due to limited members. Station 2 has gone through numerous renovations including a new roof, kitchen, bathrooms, landscaping, and paint inside and out. Station 2 is co-operated with the Smithfield Volunteer Fire Department through the fire district.



           Ambulance 2265
Chevrolet Horton Ambulance

           Command 2280
Dodge Charger

           Command 2299
2019 Chevrolet Tahoe

           Engine 2217

           Hazardous Materials Decontamination Trailer

           Medic 2273

           Medic 2274
Ford F450

           Pumper Tanker 2253
Pierce Pumper-Tanker

           Rescue Engine 2218

           UTV 22
Polaris Ranger UTV